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Hello tinies

under certain circumstances I would like to know;

Would you rather Repliku be replaced or have Joelle come back to the position?

Send us a message with your answer, please



[[So there is only 35 days till I go to MetroCon. Some of the tinies are a fan of Parle Productions, and I want to have us all do a collage and have Parle sign it!

I have some requirements though:

-Must be your character, no one else.

-Full body please. 

-Full color.

-white background.

-Do a pose that shows how you portray the character. 

If you don’t think you can get this done in 35 days please let me or another Tiny know and we’ll draw you in. c:]]


Feel free to message Ventus with your pictures if you wish to do this.

If you don’t have skype please send the picture to this board and me or Roxy will get them to Ventus.


So it’s come time..

That we start cracking down on this.

There are a few people who aren’t active at all on their tiny accounts.

I’m setting down some ground rules on how this will work.

You have a month to be absent

To avoid having your spot taken;

  • Let us know where you are going or how long you think you will be gone (Now I understand some situations aren’t able to be determined, but we would like a guess.)

Just let us know where you’re going to be or keep in contact with one of us. Preferably Roxy or myself.

If anyone needs it my personal is right here.

Feel free to send a message on there or even to the tiny accounts.

Keep in mind that Roxy’s account is a side account so she isn’t able to reply back privately without using her personal. So if you want it to be private I suggest coming to me for it.

Thank you.


Wow so we haven’t really done anything on this blog in a while.

Hello Tinies!

Sorry about not really using this blog a lot, life has been a little hectic, what with Roxy off in college and me for some very personal reasons.

However, I wanted to remind everyone that there is an event coming up!

May 12-14
Draw your character as a child.

So I hope everyone will have fun with this!

I also understand that some people can’t draw children. If that’s the case feel free to answer in baby talk or something of the sort. 



It’s almost April! Do you know what that meaaans?

April 7-9
Draw your character as a bunny.
If you are unable to draw animals draw your character with bunny ears and a fluffy tail.
You are allowed to make it sexual.

Remember, do not reblog this. If you have any ideas send us some asks!


tinyfreeshooter asked:

if the tinies are following this and have the "people I follow" block showing with whatever theme they have, it shows up. So it's not too hard to find this board if you're not a tiny. I derped around with my theme a bit to take that box away, but I thought I'd point it out... Px

I’m aware of this. I’ve known this for about a month.
However, asking all the tinies to change their themes would be troublesome. I’ve been hoping that the name would throw people off.

ask-tiny-xion asked:

For the album thing. I've picked a song and drawn a picture. What do I do now? Where/how do I submit it?

Just hold on to it for a little while :)
I’m not sure how many of us have actually finished anything for that XD

….actually if you want, you could use the submit thingie and send in the youtube link for the song, and the picture?
Then we can have it in future, when everyone else decides theirs and it will be easier to compile all of them.


New idea, everyone~!

Each of you, pick a song that you think best fits your character, can be in-character or ooc….knowing Saix’s, I think most of them will be ooc XD

What you will do:

  • Pick the song
  • Draw a picture of your character to go along with it as ‘album art’ of a sort.
  • Submit it here.

We’re going to put together a tinies album, ‘cause we think it’d be fun to figure out what sort of songs fit each character, in your mind.

No song rating limit, feel free to do whatever you want~

Please don’t reblog this, just note us on here if you have any questions :)


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